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There are many different ways to play Warcry. This section details some of the more novel ways of play, but they omit one in particular: standard play! This is simply a 1v1 battle, using the normal rules. A Battlefield can be setup using deployment cards and official terrain, or you can deploy your warbands on opposite sides of a coffee table and use coffee mugs and tea cups as terrain. The way you create these battles are up to you!

  • Open Play: is about exploring new and exciting ways to fight battles of Warcry and about putting as few obstacles as possible between picking your warband and getting stuck into the action.
  • Matched Play focuses on creating as fair and as level a playing field as possible, giving players the chance to show their tactical acumen.
  • Narrative Play is about linking multiple battles together into a campaign, add seeing your warband evolve as they embark on quests, gain experience and complete campaign arcs.