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Battleplan Generator

If you do not have access to the battleplan cards, you can use the battleplan generator included in this section to determine the battleplan instead.

Mission Shuffler

While you can use the tables below, an easier way is to use this nice app by zuckerrausch to pick the decks across all Warcry boxed releases and terrain sets, depending on what you have.

To use the battleplan generator, the alternative terrain rules are used to set up terrain. Then, one player determines the Deployment Map, Victory Condition and Twist by rolling on the tables over the following pages.

There are 2 tables for the Deployment Map, 2 tables for the Victory Condition, and 1 table for the Twist. Each table has 12 results. To roll on a table, roll a D66 and look up the result.

If you are playing a matched play battle, use Table A for the Deployment Map and Victory Condition (and do not generate a Twist). Otherwise, before rolling for the Deployment Map and the Victory Condition, the defender picks which table will be rolled on for the Deployment Map and the attacker picks which table will be rolled on for the Victory Condition.

Matched Play

There is also the Warcry Rumble Pack that has been used for several Warcry Tournaments.

Deployment Map, Table A

  D66  Map  D66  Map
11-13First Blood41-43Clash of Blades
14-16Death Blow44-46Battle Lines
21-23Knife in the Back51-53Show of Strength
24-26Bloodbath54-56Death Spiral
31-33Stand-off61-63The Duel
34-36The Unseen Blade64-66Escalation

Deployment Map, Table B

  D66  Map  D66  Map
11-13Relentless Assault41-43Defiant Stand
21-23Tentative Position51-53Divide and Slaughter
24-26The Trap54-56Encircle
31-33Hold Out61-63Outflank
34-36Vengeance64-66Close the Jaws

Victory Condition, Table A

  D66  Victory  D66  Victory
11-13Treasure Hunters41-43Reaper
14-16The Cursed Relic44-46Cut of the Head
21-23Glimmers in the Dark51-53Bloodmarked
24-26No Quarter54-56Ley Lines
31-33Higher Ground61-63The Hidden Vault
34-36Raze64-66The Comet

Victory Condition, Table B

  D66  Victory  D66  Victory
11-13Defend the Find41-43The Gauntlet
14-16The Delivery44-46Bring to Ruin
21-23The True Prize51-53Drive Them Back
24-26Seize Territory54-56Assassinate
31-33The Raid61-63Isolated
34-36The Ritual64-66No Mercy

Twist Table

  D66  Twist  D66  Twist
11-13Eerie Silence41-43Rising Hatred
14-16Late Arrivals44-46At My Command
21-23Warning Cry51-53Creature in the Dark
24-26Cloying Mists54-56Murky Swampland
31-33Sweltering Heat61-63Azyrite Lightning Storm
34-36Dead of Night64-66Gaze of the Dark Gods