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Open Play

Open play is about exploring new and exciting ways to fight battles of Warcry and about putting as few obstacles as possible between picking your warband and getting stuck into the action.

Throughout the various Warcry books, you will find lots of content under the 'open play' banner. The open play section provides rules for fighting battles with more than two players.

In the first part, you will find rules for Coalition of Death games, in which two teams of players are pitted against one another in a grand battle.

The second part is dedicated to Triumph & Treachery games, where it's every warband for themselves and the path to victory is often through forming temporary alliances with other players.

Including These Rules In A Campaign

Later in this book, you will find rules for playing through a Warcry campaign, where each battle is linked into an ongoing story. Both Coalition of Death team battles and Triumph & Treachery free-for-alls make exciting battles to be fought as part of your campaign. In addition, you may find that some battleplans reference these rules. In either case, to include these types of battle in your campaign, use the following rules.

Points Limit

The points limit set for the battle cannot be modified. This means that encampment locations that change the points limit of a campaign battle do not change the points limit in a Coalition of Death team battle or a Triumph & Treachery free-for-all.

Fleeing The Battle

A player can flee from the battle as normal. If they do so, in a Coalition of Death team battle, they leave their allies to fight without them!

Glory Table

The following glory table is used instead of the standard table.

Played a campaign battle3 glory
Won the battle2 glory
The battle was drawn1 glory

Campaign Rewards

Some Coalition of Death team battles and Triumph & Treachery free-for-alls may have campaign rewards. These are extra bonuses given to the players (usually the battle's winner or the players on the winning team), if the battle is being fought as part of a campaign.