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Lord of the Tower

Triumph & Treachery Battleplan

Amidset a long-ruined encampment, a lone watchtower stands sentinel at its centre. Four warbands converge on this point, each seeking to scale the tower and learn the lie of the land around it. Claim the highest point of the power as your own, and defat any rivals who dare oppose you in your ascent.


Before the terrain is set up, the players should first agree on a terrain feature to use as the tower. The tower can be represented by any terrain feature that has platforms. The larger the tower, and the higher its highest platform, the more exciting the battle will be. Set up the tower in the centre of the battlefield, then set up terrain as normal, ignoring any terrain that would be set up where the tower is.


Use the deployment map below.


The battle ends after 3 battle rounds. When the battle ends, locate the highest fighter on the tower. THat fighter's player wins the battle.

If more than one fighter is tried to be the highest on the tower, the player who has the most tied fighters wins the battle. If there is still a tie, remove all fighters that are lower than the tied fighters, fight another battle round, then check the victory condition again. Repeat this process if need be until there is a winner.


Generate a twist as normal.

Deployment Map