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Every fighter has access to one or more abilities as determined by the runemarks on their profile. A fighter can use 1 ability during their activation if the player activating that fighter has sufficient ability dice. The ability can be used either before the first action or after the first or second actions made by that fighter.

Each faction has a set of unique abilities. There are also 5 universal abilities that fighters from any warband can use (see below). Each ability requires either a [double], a [triple] or a [quad] in order to be used (see ‘Initiative Phase’).

Once a fighter has used an ability, discard the ability dice used for that ability. You can use a [triple] for an ability that requires a [double], or a [quad] for an ability that requires a [triple] or [double], but if you do so, all of those ability dice are discarded.

Ability Values

If a rule refers to the value of an ability, this refers to the score shown on the ability dice used for that ability. For example, if a player has a [double] consisting of 2 ability dice with the score of ‘5’ shown on each ability dice, the value of that ability is 5.

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing

Abilities can modify some or all of a fighter’s characteristics. In these cases, always divide first, then multiply, then add, then subtract.

For example, if a fighter with a Move characteristic of 3" had 2" added to their Move characteristic by the ‘Waaagh!’ ability, and were then affected by the ‘Cursed Dart’ ability, first the Move characteristic would be halved by ‘Cursed Dart’ (rounding up) and become 2", and then the ‘Waaagh!’ ability would add 2" for a final total of 4".

Raised Fighters

Some abilities return fighters that have been taken down to the battlefield. The ability may specify that the fighter has a number of damage points allocated to it, or that you remove some or all of the damage points allocated to it. Fighters returned to the battlefield are referred to as raised fighters.

The following rules apply to raised fighters:

  • Raised fighters cannot be activated, use abilities or make reactions in the combat phase in which they are set up.
  • Raised fighters cannot use heroic traits or artefacts and cannot spend or gain levels of renown.
  • Raised fighters are not affected by any abilities that affected them when they were taken down.
  • While they are on the battlefield, raised fighters are not considered to have been taken down.
  • After a battle, raised fighters are considered to have been taken down in that battle.


Many abilities can only be used by fighters with certain runemarks. If this is the case, the runemarks will be shown to the left of the ability on the ability table. For example, the ‘Inspiring Presence’ ability (see below) can only be used by fighters with the Hero runemark (Hero). The runemarks a fighter has can be found on their profile.

Universal Abilities

FAQ Update 29/07/23
  • Change to the Rampage ability.
[Double] Rush: Add 1 to the Move characteristic of this fighter until the end of their activation.
[Double] Onslaught: Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of melee attack actions made by this fighter until the end of their activation.
[Triple] Respite: A fighter cannot use this ability if they are within 1" of any enemy fighters. Remove a number of damage points allocated to this fighter equal to the value of this ability.
Hero[Triple] Inspiring Presence: Pick a visible friendly fighter within 6" of this fighter that has not activated yet this battle round. You can activate that fighter immediately after this fighter’s activation ends.
[Quad] Rampage: This fighter can make a bonus move action up to a number of inches equal to the value of this ability. Then, they can make a bonus attack action.