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The Battleplan

Every Warcry battle is played according to a battleplan. The battleplan consists of 4 parts: the terrain map, the deployment map, the victory condition and the twist. In a standard battle, these 4 parts are generated by drawing battleplan cards.

Battleplan Cards

The players organise the battleplan cards into the following 4 decks and give each deck a shuffle:

  • Terrain Deck
  • Deployment Deck
  • Victory Deck
  • Twist Deck

Then, 1 card is drawn from each deck and placed face up. These 4 cards form the battleplan of the battle.

Setting Up The Battle

Once the battleplan has been generated, follow these steps to set up the battle:

Step 1 – The Terrain Step

Players set up the terrain features as shown on the terrain card.


Alternative Terrain Rules

If players do not have a set of battleplan cards or wish to use different terrain features from their collection, the following rules can be used to set up the battlefield terrain instead:

  1. One of the players sets up the terrain features on the battlefield in any arrangement they desire.
  2. There must be at least 2 terrain features in each quarter of the battlefield.
  3. Terrain is set up before any other battleplan cards are drawn.
  4. The parts of a terrain feature that touch the battlefield floor cannot be within 4" of a battlefield edge.

Step 2 – The Deployment Step

The starting positions of fighters are determined by the deployment map. On every deployment map, there are 2 sets of 3 symbols: Dagger (Dagger), Shield (Shield) and Hammer (Hammer). One set is in red; the other is in blue. These symbols are referred to as deployment points.

The deployment map also features an orientation mark (twists-orientation), as does the terrain map. The deployment map is orientated the same way as the terrain map. When using the alternative terrain rules, the player who did not set up the terrain chooses how the deployment map orientates with the battlefield.

Once the deployment map has been orientated, the players roll off and the winner chooses who will be red and who will be blue.

Next, the attacker sets up their Dagger, followed by the defender. Then, the players set up their Shields in the same order, and finally their Hammers in the same order.

Each time a battle group is set up, all fighters from that battle group must be set up wholly within 3" horizontally of the corresponding deployment point of their colour. Fighters must be set up on the battlefield floor or a platform.

Reserve Battle Groups

If a deployment point for a battle group is labelled ‘RND2’ or ‘RND3’, this indicates the battle group is in reserve and will arrive mid-battle. Do not set up the fighters from reserve battle groups on the battlefield before the battle begins; instead, place them to one side.

Step 3 – The Victory Condition Step

The victory condition details what the players must do to win the battle and how long the battle will last. If the victory condition instructs players to do things before the battle begins, such as place objective markers or treasure tokens, those things are done in this step.

Step 4 – The Twist Step

The twist has a special rule that applies to the battle. If the twist instructs players to do things before the battle begins, those things are done in this step.

The Battle Begins

Once these 4 steps have been followed, the battle can begin!