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Faction Runemarks

When you pick your warband, you must first pick a faction. Below is a list of all the factions currently in Warcry. Each fighter in Warcry belongs to one of these factions, as denoted by the faction runemark on their profile.

Grand Alliances

Every faction and fighter in Warcry belongs to one of the four Grand Alliances: Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction. The faction runemarks below are grouped by the Grand Alliance to which they belong. The Grand Alliance of a faction determines which fighters can be included as allies, thralls and monsters in warbands from that faction.

Grand Alliance Order

Cities of Sigmar – City Runemarks

Cities of Sigmar warbands work slightly differently to other warbands. When you pick a Cities of Sigmar warband, you must also choose the city from which they hail. For more information on City runemarks, see the Warcry Compendium.

Grand Alliance Chaos

Grand Alliance Death

Grand Alliance Destruction