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Objectives and Treasure Tokens

Some victory conditions require the players to place 1 or more objectives and/or treasure tokens.

Objective and treasure tokens are treated as part of the battlefield floor or the platform they are placed upon. Fighters can move over and stand upon objective tokens. These rules also apply to all other markers and tokens that players are asked to place on a specific point on the battlefield. Fighters can move over treasure tokens. Fighters cannot end a move with any part of their base touching a treasure token. In addition, when measuring distances to and from objectives, treasure tokens and other markers, always measure to and from the centre of the marker or token.

Controlling Objectives

A player gains control of an objective if, at the end of a battle round, they have more friendly fighters within 3" of it than there are enemy fighters within 3" of it. Once a player gains control of an objective, it remains under their control until another player gains control of it.

Carrying Treasure

If at any point during a move action a fighter moves within 1" of a treasure token, the fighter can pick up that treasure. Remove the token from the battlefield. That fighter is now carrying that treasure. A fighter cannot pick up treasure if they are already carrying treasure. Fighters with the Monster runemark (Monster) or Beast runemark (Beast) cannot carry treasure.

Fighters cannot fly while carrying treasure. When a fighter picks up treasure during a move action, subtract 2 from their Move characteristic (to a minimum of 3) for the remainder of that move action and they cannot fly for the remainder of that move action. If that fighter had moved further than that modified Move characteristic before they picked up that treasure, that move action ends.

If a fighter begins a move action carrying treasure, subtract 2 from their Move characteristic for that move action (to a minimum of 3).

In addition, fighters cannot make disengage actions while carrying treasure.

Dropping Treasure

A fighter carrying treasure can use an action to drop the treasure. If a fighter carrying treasure is taken down, they automatically drop the treasure before the fighter’s model is removed from play. In both cases, the player controlling that fighter picks a point on a platform or the battlefield floor that is within 1" horizontally of the fighter, visible to the fighter, and either vertically level to or any distance vertically lower than the fighter, and places the treasure token there.

Other Tokens

Other tokens might be used to help players keep track of the battle. For example, players might use damage tokens to track the damage points allocated to a fighter. If these tokens are placed upon the battlefield, they do not interact with the battle in any way.