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Other Actions

Disengage Actions

If a fighter is within 1" of an enemy fighter, they can make a disengage action to move away. When a fighter makes a disengage action, that fighter can move normally up to 3" in any direction, but they must finish the action more than 1" away from all enemy fighters. If this is impossible, the fighter cannot use the disengage action and must use another action instead.

Disengage Actions vs Move Actions

Although a fighter moves as part of a disengage action, it is not considered to be a move action in any way. This means any abilities or rules that interact specifically with move actions do not interact with disengage actions. In addition, a fighter cannot jump, climb or fly as part of a disengage action.

Wait Actions

A wait action can be used in two ways. If a fighter makes the wait action as their last action in their activation, their activation ends. The wait action is used in this manner simply when the fighter has nothing else to do (for example, if they are not in range to attack and do not wish to move).

Alternatively, if a fighter uses the wait action as their first action in their activation, the fighter is said to be waiting. Place a wait token by the fighter to indicate they are waiting. If a fighter makes a wait action in this manner, their activation ends, but that fighter can be activated once more later in that combat phase. When that fighter is activated for the second time, they can only make 1 action in that activation.

Wait Actions and Abilities

If a fighter activates for a second time in the combat phase as a result of a wait action, they can use 1 ability in their second activation even if an ability was used the first time they activated. The ability can be used before or after the fighter’s action. When a rule or ability refers to ‘this fighter’s activation’, it means the fighter’s current activation.