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The Warbands

Before fighting a battle, each player needs to pick their warband. To do so, they must first pick a faction for their warband. A list of the different factions and their runemarks can be found on pages 23-26. Then, they must pick the fighters they wish to include in their warband whilst following these restrictions:

  • The warband must include at least 3 fighters and no more than 15 fighters.
  • All fighters in the warband must have the runemark of the faction that was picked for the warband (with the exception of allies, thralls and monsters).
  • The first fighter included in the warband must have the Hero runemark (Hero). This fighter is the leader of the warband.
  • No more than 3 fighters with the Hero runemark (Hero) can be included in the warband (including the leader).
  • The combined points values of all the fighters in the warband cannot exceed 1000. This is called the points limit for the battle.

The Attacker And The Defender

Once both players have picked their warbands, they roll off and the winner picks which player is the attacker and which player is the defender.

Battle Groups

Battle groups are small groups of fighters that are set up together at the start of the battle. Each warband is divided into three battle groups: the Dagger, the Shield and the Hammer.

The defender divides their warband into battle groups first, followed by the attacker.

When a player divides their warband into battle groups, their fighters must be spread amongst the battle groups as evenly as possible. For example, if their warband had 10 fighters, two of their battle groups would need to have 3 fighters and the other would need to have 4 fighters.