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Getting Started


This is an editiorial section by servo_scribe.

This question constantly pops up on Reddit: how do I start playing, and what do I need?

While there are different box sets out there, as well as the Crypt of Blood starter set, you actually don't need either to play Warcry.

What are the absolute essentials you need to start playing?

  1. At least 20 six-sided (D6) dice (30 is a good number).
  • 6 dice per player for abilities
  • dice for rolling attacks (rarely more than 6 in a roll)
  • wild dice (up to 8 in total)
  • Dice can also be used to count wounds on a model, in which case the more the better.
  1. A way to measure inches, such as a measuring tape.
  2. Some form of tokens to show when models are waiting/have one action left. Tokens to depict if they haven't gone yet (a "ready" marker) is useful too, otherwise you need to remember it. These tokens can be anything: tokens from Kill Team, scraps of paper, you name it. You will also need to track wounds. This can be done with dice, numbered tokens or written on a piece of paper (or the warband fighter cards if you printed them off from Warcrier).
  3. Two warbands (more on this below).
  4. A surface to play on! Terrain is important to the gameplay experience, but not essential to playing your first game. The battleground is 22x30 inches (the same as Kill Team), but for your first games, it doesn't matter too much.

Warbands: bespoke vs standard

Warbands come in two flavours: bespoke and standard. The only difference between the two categories are that bespoke warbands have been created specifically for Warcry. These have their own page here on Warcrier.

Bespoke (made for Warcry)

Bespoke warbands are designed to be ready-to-play out of the box (although you may want to augment them once you play more). There are two bespoke warbands in any of the big Warcry boxes (the ones that come with terrain), and they can also be bought individually. Warcry has had two editions, and while the rules are largely the same, the points/stats are slightly different. The updated fighter profiles for the warbands are listed here on Warcrier. While a bespoke warband may be of a particular faction in Age of Sigmar, it is treated as a separate faction in Warcry. For example, Kruleboyz Monsta-killaz are a different faction to Kruleboyz.

  • Warcry v1 boxes (red and black 'chaos' themed): Warcry Starter Set (Iron Golems vs Untamed Beasts), Red Harvest, Catacombs.
  • Warcry v2 boxes (brown 'Ghur' themed): Heart of Ghur, Sundered Fate, Bloodhunt, Nightmare Quest.

View a complete list of the bespoke warbands.


Standard warbands are made from existing Age of Sigmar (AoS) models, and are more varied. This is a great starting point if you have existing AoS models, or purchase one of the AoS starter boxes. A warband list needs to be below 1,000 points in total (so ideally as close as possible to 1,000). There are a few other criteria to make a valid warband, listed here. Warcrier has a Warband roster tool (the 'list' icon at the bottom of your screen) that can also validate your list for you.

Buying multiple units for Age of Sigmar can be intimidating and costly. Another approach is to buy a faction's Spearhead or Vanguard box. View a list of these boxes and their compatibility with warcry.

What about the Warcry: Crypt of Blood Starter Set?

The Crypt of Blood Starter set has a great set of starting battles that help you learn the game. However, the models it contains are about half the size of a warband each, so you would need to buy more models for each of the two factions included.

Xandire's Truthseekers are part of Stormcast Eternals Thunderstrike Stormcasts. You could expand this warband by buying more Thunderstrike Stormcasts. These are available in the various Age of Sigmar starter boxes, and are often part of magazine subscriptions such as Stormbringer.

The Crimson Court are part of Soulblight Gravelords. Any of the Soulblight gravelord unit could bolster their numbers, such as a unit of skeletons or zombies. You could also increase their numbers by buying another Underworlds warband such as The Sepulchral Guard. Finally, all of the enemies of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City are Soulblight models, so you could use those as well.

What about Red Harvest, Heart of Ghur or another big box?

Red Harvest was part of the previous edition of Warcry. However, the warbands have updates rules listed on this site, and the core rules are very similiar (the current rules are also on this site). The warband models themselves and the terrain are great, and you can still use the battlefield setup cards.

The second edition had 5 big box releases: Heart of Ghur and 4 quarterly releases, each with two warbands and terrain. Heart of Ghur has a rulebook, however the other do not. Their warbands, warband cards, and battlefield setup cards are still current.

In any of these cases, if you like the warbands and/or terrain, they're a great way to buy into the game.

What's the cheapest way to get started?

Assuming you have no models, and are not buying models off a marketplace (eg eBay) or second-hand, then the cheapest option is to buy the Age of Sigmar Warrior starter set. This will give you enough models to build two full warbands (Stormcast Eternals Thunderstrike Stormcasts and Kruleboyz).

Outside of this box, you will just need some more dice and this website.

What about terrain?

Terrain is a big part of Warcry, and verticality makes a difference in games as well. It is strongly suggested you acquire some terrain to play your games with as soon as you can. Warcry box sets that come with terrain also feature terrain layout cards, however these are optional; any terrain and any layout is viable (as long as it's fair!). This method is referred to as "alternative" terrain rules.

How do I learn the rules?

Warcrier has all the rules required for all the ways to play. GW also released the core rules in a PDF. If you want a more guided learning experience, you can purchase Crypt of Blood, or you can watch one of the many videos on YouTube. Better yet, find someone and try a battle for yourself!