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Coalition of Death: Team Battles

In Coalition of Death, you fight Warcry battles of epic proportions as teams of multiple warbands are pitted against each other in brutal conflict.

Coalition of Death team battles involve 3 or more players divided into 2 teams. These battles are quick and easy to set up, as the core rules do not need to be changed much to accommodate the extra players. To set up a Coalition of Death team battle, follow the rules on these pages.


Before players pick their warbands, they are first divided into 2 teams. Then, the players must decide on the points limit for each team. We recommend a points limit of 2000-3000 points. Once the points limit has been decided, each team's points allowance is divided evenly between its warbands.

In this manner, you can easily cater for uneven teams. For example, if you had a team of 3 versus a team of 2, you could set the points limit to 2400 so the players on the team of 3 each had a points limit of 800 and the players on the team of 2 each had a points limit of 1200.

Once the warbands have been picked, 2 nominated players, 1 from each team, roll off and the winner picks which team are the attackers and which team are the defenders.

Then, the defenders split their warbands into battle groups, followed by the attackers.

The Battleplan

To fight a Coalition of Death team battle, the players need to first decide upon a battleplan.

The battleplan will determine the terrain, deployment map, victory condition and twist in play. If a battleplan has a set deployment map, the players will know in advance of organising their fighters into battle groups, and can use this information to their advantage!

List of Coalition of Death Battleplans

Deployment Maps

Deployment maps used in Coalition of Death team battles may include deployment zones. A deployment zone is a marked area of the battlefield. Each deployment zone will show the runemark of a battle group. Fighters in that battle group can be set up anywhere wholly within that deployment zone.

Fighting the Battle

A Coalition of Death team battle is fought using the core rules, with the following amendments:

Friendly Fighters

In a Coalition of Death team battle, fighters in a warband consider only fighters in their warband to be friendly fighters, but consider all fighters in warbands on the opposing team to be enemy fighters. Fighters in different warbands on the same team consider each other to be neither friendly nor enemy fighters. In gameplay terms, this means actions or abilities used by a fighter do not affect fighters from other warbands on the same team.

Optional Rule

Larger Battlefields

If you are playing a Coalition of Death team battle with large teams, you may wish to increase the size of the playing area to accommodate them. A simple way to do so is to place 2 Warcry battlefield mats together to form a battlefield 44" x 30" in size. If you do so, you can draw 2 terrain maps, 1 for each half of the battlefield, and orientate them in the same direction. The teams then roll off and the winner decides how the battlefield orientates with the deployment map.

If you wish to use the alternative terrain rules, set up at least 4 terrain features in each quarter of the battlefield instead of 2.

All the other rules in this section accommodate larger battlefields as well as regular-sized battlefields, so no further amendments need be made.

The Initiative Phase

In the initiative phase, each player rolls their 6 initiative dice as normal, and then the number of singles for each team is counted. The team with the higher total has the initiative. Each player receives a wild dice and can choose how to spend it. Players cannot spend wild dice to affect their teammates' ability dice.

The Combat Phase

In the combat phase, the teams take turns rather than the players. The team with the initiative picks which team takes the first turn. When it is a team's turn, each player on that team picks 1 fighter from their warband to activate. This can be done in any order.

If one team has fewer players than the other, each player in the smaller team first picks 1 fighter from their warband to activate as normal. Then, they can activate additional fighters until the number of fighters activated equals the number of players on the larger team.

Once a player has activated all the fighters in their warband, they must pass when it is their team's turn. Only when all players pass in both teams consecutively does the battle round end (i.e. only when all fighters have been activated).


If a fighter falls, the controlling player of the enemy fighter closest to the falling fighter picks the point where the falling fighter is placed.

Optional Rule

Shared Resources

This is an optional rule that alters the initiative phase in a Coalition of Death team battle. Instead of each player rolling their initiative dice individually, they are instead pooled together. For example, if a team consisted of 3 players, they would roll 18 initiative dice as a team rather than 6 each.

When using this rule, each set of 4 dice with the same score becomes a [quad]. and the remaining dice are divided into singles, [doubles] and [triples] as normal. For example, if the team has nine initiative dice with the score of 6. These would be divided into two [quads] and the one remaining dice of 6 would be a single.

When using this rule, wild dice are also pooled together, and the team chooses how to use them.

If the teams are uneven, the team with fewer players has the same number of initiative dice and wild dice as the other team. This means this rule works especially well with battles that have uneven teams, but it is also a lot of fun for teams with the same number of players because it dramatically increases the chances of rolling [quads]!