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The core rules for playing Warcry are available on Warhammer Community, as are the warbards rules for eligible warbards prior to Heart of Ghur.

This site digitises those in a mobile-friendly format to reference, adds the different battle modes as listed in the core rulebook and warbands lists beyond the publication of the compendium.

You can access GW's print-tailored versions here:

A Warcry Battle

Warcry is a miniatures skirmish game played between two or more players. Each game of Warcry is referred to as a battle. The steps involved in fighting a battle are summarised below.

1. Warbands are Picked

Each player picks a faction, and then they pick fighters from that faction to make up their warband. There are many different factions to choose from and hundreds of different fighters, each with their own unique strengths. Picking the right combination is crucial for victory!

2. Battleplans are Drawn

Every battle is fought according to a battleplan. This determines the battlefield terrain, the deployment of the warbands, the victory condition the warbands must achieve to win, and any twists in play, such as treacherous weather or wild magic!

3. The Battle is Fought

A battle consists of a series of battle rounds in which players take it in turns to activate fighters from their warband. Once you are familiar with the rules, a battle can be played in under 1 hour.

4. The Victor is Determined

When the battle ends, one player will be crowned the victor!