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Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz Background Tables

Masters of the sudden ambush and the devious ruse, Kruleboyz Monsta-killaz believe that battles are best fought with unfair advantage and an utter lack of honour.

Kruleboyz Monsta-killaz have hunted almost everything that walks or crawls. They specialise in hobbling monsters through the use of cruel traps or underhanded tricks, either slaughtering their prey and harvesting its tasty innards or dragging it off to serve as entertainment in one of the Kruleboyz' many fighting pits. They often take names that reference their most infamous acts of cruelty, wearing them as swaggering badges of pride.

Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz Names

D10First NameD10Last Name
3Murk3da Peeler
7Thugrikk7da Hobbla

Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz Origins

1Pit Killers: These warriors run one of the Kruleboyz' infamous fighting pits, where prisoners are fed to various hideous beasts.
2Egg Stealers: These warriors are experts at distracting horrific beasts and then pinching their precious eggs.
3Skumdrekk's Boyz: These warriors are held in high favour by the infamous Swampboss Skumdrekk, who calls upon them to handle particularly dangerous jobs.
4On Da Trail: These orruks are trailing a particularly large and ferocious beast, waiting patiently for an opportunity to lay it low.
5Drothvault Raiders: These warriors once broke into one of the Fyreslayers' fiercely guarded drothvaults, looting several hatchlings.
6Legendary Blackguards: These warriors are akin to folk heroes in the malicious society of the Kruleboyz, well known for their underhanded deeds

Kruleboyz Monsta-Killaz Leader Background

1Unusual Cruelty: This warrior inspires a particular dread with the unique horror of his punishments.
2Aspiring Swampboss: This warrior wishes to follow the example of the infamous Skumdrekk, and set up his own fighting pit.
3Bitey Fings: This warrior treasures his collection of hideous crawling insects and spiders - most of which are lethally venomous.
4Devious Trapper: This warrior's expertise at laying particularly complex traps is unrivalled.
5Bully Boss: This warrior takes particular pleasure in tormenting and bullying their Klutcha-grot minions.
6Slippery Customer: This warrior has absolutely no compunctions about legging it if a fight seems to be going against them.