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Ogor Mawtribes Background Tables

Source: Warcry Tomb of Champions 2019 (out of print)

Towering monsters even bulkier than an Ironjaw Brute, ogors are a plague on the Mortal Realms. Their wandering Mawtribes are akin to a swarm of hulking locusts, voraciously devouring all before them.

Ogors can always be described as either eating or hungry. Worshipping Gorkamorka in his aspect as the Gulping God, they are on a mission to consume everything they can. From the ravening Gutbusters to the winter-touched Beastclaw Raiders, all ogors are united by their desire to gorge themselves. The only thing an ogor enjoys almost as much as eating is a good fight, and the Eightpoints provide opportunity for both of these things in abundance. More and more warbands of ogors have been making their way to this interstitial realm, to the misfortune of everyone who crosses their path.

Ogor Mawtribes Names

D10First NameD10Last Name
5Marg5the Crusher

Ogor Mawtribes Origins

1Wandering Mercenaries: In return for bountiful supplies of food, your warriors will fight for just about anyone.
2Path of Destruction: The winding Mawpath followed by your tribe has led you and your warriors to the Eightpoints.
3Exotic Palate: Your warriors are forever seeking new and innovative tastes to sample.
4Exiled: Your warriors were banished from the Mawtribe and now seek to forge their own destiny.
5Brothers in Bludgeoning: You and your warriors are all part of the same family unit.
6Ahead of the Blizzard: Your warband strives to outpace the furious Everwinter, going so far as to seek refuge in the lands of the Varanspire.

Ogor Mawtribes Leader Background

1Touched by the Gulping God: This warrior once ate some particularly spoiled meat and now receives strange visions from his hungering deity.
2All Muscle: Even amongst his hulking kind, this warrior’s strength is legendary.
3Been There, Done That: There are few foes this warrior has not fought and devoured at some point.
4Kineater: This warrior once consumed their own siblings to prove their might.
5Ravenous Cravings: This warrior has an insatiable desire for a particular foodstuff.
6Harbinger of Winter: The icy chill of the Everwinter permanently clings to this warrior