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Gorger Mawpack Background Tables

Driven by an insatiable hunger. the cursed ogors of the Gorger Mawpacks hurl themselves upon anything that moves, ever in search of their next meal.

The Gorger Mawpacks comprise ogors that suffer from the Empty Belly curse, a malady that robs them of the ability to gain satisfaction from eating the worst fate imaginable for ogorkind. They lurk in lightless holes, gnawing on bones and partaking in gruesome rituals to appease the Gulping God. Though they are incapable of ittering much more than simple growls and grunts, individual Gorgers are often given nicknames by their unafflicted kin or the folk they terrorise.

Gorger Mawpack Names

D10Gorger NamesD10Ravenous Exploits
1Gobbler1Swallowed a Kharadron bomb. It's still ticking.
2Eyemuncher2Devoured a hundred Nurglings.
3Peeler3Bit off a Mega-Garant's finger.
4Howler4Ate a Sigmarite saint and broke teeth on an icon of Ghal Maraz.
5Bloodlicker5Gobbled up a batch of Magmadroth eggs. Spicy!
6Old Sourfang6Crunched up an Ossiarch siege-construct (and its crew).
7The Grabber7Ate a Deadwalker that keeps repeating on them.
8Skinripper8Consumed a trove of priceless arcane lore.
9Face Eater9Guzzled blood from a Khainite cauldron.
10Guts10Munched on a grot Shroomancer and went a bit loony.

Gorger Mawpack Origins

1Screechers: Your warriors constantly fill the 1 air with unintelligible and agonised howls akin to cries of pain.
2Cursed by the Gulping God: Rather than being born afflicted with the Empty Belly curse, your warriors were subjected to it after displeasing their deity.
3Pale Scavengers: Your warriors are experienced at stealing meat, weapons and other items from their victims.
4Butcher's Favourites: Your warriors are favoured servants of a particular Butcher or Slaughtermaster, doing their bidding in exchange for scraps of food,
5Blind Cave Dwellers: Your warriors long ago lost their sight, relying instead upon their sense of smell to hunt.
6Cannibals: Your warriors were driven from their mawtribe after being discovered illegitimately feasting upon their own kind.

Gorger Mawpack Leader Background

1Troglodyte Prophet: This warrior has an uncanny sense for where the Gulping God is about to manifest fresh Mawpits.
2Uncanny Scent: This warrior can smell spilled blood from a dozen miles away and track their prey across huge distances.
3Drooling Horror: Great ropes of foul-smelling slaver constantly ooze from this warrior's oversized maw.
4Ravening Mark: This warrior bears a spiral birthmark that their Gorger kin consider to be a sign of the Gulping God's favour.
5Endless Teeth: This warrior's teeth drop out constantly as it feeds, but are swiftly replaced by more that emerge from its gullet
6Poisonous Claws: This warrior's raking claws are so thoroughly encrusted with filth that a single scratch can cause an agonising death.