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· One min read

Release dates and box contents

  • Added the release dates to all bespoke warbands to it's clear how old they are.
  • Added the box contents to each bespoke warband (just above fighter profiles) to make it easier to create a one-box list in the list builder.

· One min read
  • Made the settings panel visible on the print page (not when printed though)
  • Fixes to the high contrast and condensed fighter cards

Any feedback, please just on the discord.

· One min read

Flesh-eater Courts update

The Flesh-eater Courts received an overhaul with the release of their new range. This was published on Warhammer Community.

  • Nearly all abilities replaced
  • Nearly all fighter profiles updated (mainly cost and abilities, but some stats too)
  • Added a variety of new fighters

· 2 min read

Warcrier facelift

As you may have noticed, Warcier has received a bit of a facelift!

Games Workshop contacted me about one of my other sites, Necro-vox, and asked that material there that infringes on their copyright be removed.

With that in mind, I've started the process of removing egregious material from Warcrier. This includes images or artwork taken directly from their publications, and creative texts (i.e. sections of lore). I have made exceptions with narrative sections and background pages where the source is no longer available (out of print). At the time of this post, that relates to all publications except the core rulebook. Hopefully this is seen as acceptable.

I've also clearly made the styling and logo distinct from Warcry itself, and made it clear that Warcrier is not associated with GW in any way.

To assist this transition, I would love your help! I am looking for artwork for the following sections:

If you have respectible photos of your own models and would like to share them, please contact me on my discord.

Hopefully we can have Warcrier up and running for years to come.

- servo_scribe

· One min read

Cities of Sigmar update

Added the quests, background tables and optional Dawnbringer rules from WD #495. These live under "Cities of Sigmar: Castelite Hosts", as it's pretty clear that's who they're indended for (narratively).