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Chaos Legionnaires Quests

Source: White Dwarf #481 (out of print)

The Dark Master’s Due

The treasures of the Seraphon are of great interest to Be’lakor, who has long held a wary disdain for these reptilian creatures. A Legionnaire cohort that proactively seeks out such celestial relics is sure to be rewarded most handsomely.

Pick 1 artefact of power from the Perfidious Treasures table (see below) and note it in your quest log. You cannot pick an artefact of power already borne by a fighter in your warband.

While embarked upon this quest, you must keep track of the progress your warband makes, represented by a progress score.

Add 1 to your progress score after an initiative phase each time either of the following is true:

  • You won a roll-off to determine who has the initiative.
  • You seized the initiative by spending one or more wild dice.

Add 1 to your progress score at the end of a battle if you won that battle.

You can complete this quest once your progress score is 5. When you complete this quest, you obtain the artefact of power that was noted in your quest log.

Perfidious Treasures

Lorica Sinistrum
The plates of this armour are woven together with minute strands of Ulguan realmstone, rendering the wearer as insubstantial mist to those far away.
The bearer is not visible to enemy fighters more than 12" away from them.
Fiendish Gladius
The darkiron blade of this weapon is bound with the essence of several Furies. Like those spiteful daemons, it excels at locating weak points.
Hit rolls of 3-5 for the bearer’s melee attack actions score a hit.
The Coin Malefic
Once carried by a brave Dawnbringer Crusader, this trinket has been corrupted by malignant energies and now steals the hope and vigour of nearby foes.
While the bearer is on the battlefield, each time an enemy fighter uses an ability, roll a dice. On a roll of 6, gain 1 additional wild dice at the start of the next initiative phase.
Prism of Torments
Within this small, bladed vessel rage soul-slivers ripped from a shadow daemon of Ulgu. When it is opened, their agonised emanations compel other minor spirits of darkness to violently lash out.
Once per battle, the bearer can use this artefact as a bonus action. If they do so, pick a visible enemy fighter within 1" of a terrain feature and roll 3 dice. If the total is less than or equal to the enemy fighter’s Wounds characteristic, allocate 6 damage points to that fighter.
Mask of False Ascension
The wearer of this helm seems to swell in stature and dark radiance until even fellow Legionnaires are inspired by their projected image of grandeur.
The bearer can use the ‘Inspiring Presence’ ability as if they had the Hero (Hero) runemark.
The Mordikite Mirror
Crafted in Be’lakor’s abyssal fortress of Mordikar and then ritually broken in two, these glass artefacts allow their bearers to assume one another’s appearance almost perfectly – before revealing their true identities at a critical moment.
Once per battle, if the bearer has not made an attack action in the battle, the bearer can use this artefact as a bonus action. If they do so, pick another friendly fighter on the battlefield that has not made an attack action in the battle and does not have an activation token, and switch the positions of the two fighters. If this is not possible because there is not room for one of the fighters, the bearer cannot do this.

Preaching The Creed

If the Dark Master is to succeed in his bid to overthrow the Everchosen, he will need more than sorcery and might – he will need numbers. A Decuriarch who succeeds in impressing other warbands and leading them to join the legion will receive Be’lakor’s favour and be marked out for greater glory.

Pick a Decuriarch in your warband that can gain a heroic trait and note them in your quest log. See page 104 of the Core Book to find out how fighters can gain a heroic trait.

While embarked upon this quest, you must keep track of the converts your warband makes, represented by a convert score. Add 1 to your convert score each time:

  • You earn 6 or more glory after a battle.
  • You spend 3 or more glory to add a fighter to your warband.

You can complete this quest once your convert score is 5 or more. When you complete this quest, you can give that Decuriarch one of the heroic traits from the Chaos Legionnaires Heroic Traits below.

Chaos Legionnaires Heroic Traits

Chaos Legionnaires Heroic Traits
When this champion suffers a serious wound, their form flickers into cloying shadow-stuff, preventing their foe from landing a finishing blow.
When this fighter is the target of an attack action, treat each critical hit after the first from that attack action as a hit instead.
Vassal of Mordikar
A daemonic imp hailing from Be’lakor’s lair clings to this fighter’s shadow, attacking any incautious enemies.
Once per battle round, this fighter can make the Counter reaction as if they had spent 1 level of renown to do so.
Merciless Opportunist
Whenever an opening in a foe’s guard presents itself, this warrior is sure to viciously capitalise upon it.
After this fighter’s melee attack action, if at least one hit roll resulted in a hit or critical hit, allocate 4 damage points to the target.
Cautious and Conniving
Like the Dark Master himself, this warrior is a creature of cruel patience, waiting until a foe has overextended themself before striking.
Once per battle, after this fighter makes the wait action as the first action in their activation, do not give the fighter a wait token and this fighter can be activated once more in the combat phase as if they had not been activated.
Legion Enforcer
For all that Be’lakor’s followers prize subtlety and cunning, sometimes more traditional brutality is needed to see the Dark Master’s aims achieved.
Add 1 to the damage points allocated by each hit and critical hit from melee attack actions made by this fighter.
Branded by the Shadowlord: This warrior’s very soul has been marked by Be’lakor, granting them a truly fiendish degree of fortune.
In the aftermath sequence, you can re-roll one of the following:
  • An injury roll for this fighter
  • - A renown roll for this fighter
  • - A roll when this fighter is sent forth
  • - A perish roll for a lesser artefact borne by this fighter

Making The Cut

A Centaurion Marshal roaming the Gnarlwood has heard tales of your cohort and offered their aid. First, though, you must prove yourself by claiming a great tally of heads from the worshippers of other gods and the followers of the False King. The bloodthirsty creature also advises you of the cost of failure…

While embarked upon this quest, you must keep track of a head count score. Add 1 to your head count score each time an enemy fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 10 or more is taken down by a friendly fighter’s melee attack action.

While your head count score totals 8 or more, you can fight battles using the ‘Bleak Offerings’ quest battleplan. If you do so and you win the battle, in step 4 of the aftermath sequence, you can complete this quest. If you do so, in step 5, you can relocate your warband’s encampment to a ‘Marshal’s Warcamp’ (see below) and do not need to spend any glory to do so.


Quest Battleplan: Bleak Offerings

The Marshal’s demands are not yet fulfilled, and time is running out. Your warband must amass a significant hoard of trophies to satisfy the champion and earn their respect – and while material wealth is one thing, the skulls of fallen foes are just as welcome.

Attacker and Defender

In this battle, the questing player is the attacker and the adversary player is the defender.


Set up terrain as normal.


Use the deployment map below. The defender is blue and the attacker is red.


Before the battle, the defender places 5 treasure tokens on the battlefield. Each must be placed on the battlefield floor or a platform, each more than 4" horizontally from the others and more than 6" from the battlefield edge.

During the battle, the defender’s fighters cannot carry treasure.

The battle ends after 4 battle rounds. At the end of the battle, the attacker scores 3 victory points for each of the defender’s battle groups that were entirely taken down, and 1 victory point for each treasure carried by the attacker’s fighters. If the attacker has 8 or more victory points, the attacker wins. Otherwise the defender wins.


Determine a twist as normal.

The Aftermath Sequence

The adversary player receives the following bonus in the aftermath sequence:

Renown to be Earned: The adversary player adds 1 to each renown roll they make in this aftermath sequence.

Encampment Location: Marshal’s Warcamp

LocationLocation BonusPoints LimitReputation Modifier
Marshal’s Warcamp
Within a shadowy grove stand shrines dedicated to the Dark Master and tents of flayed hide around which other cohorts congregate. Ruling over all is a Centaurion Marshal, who may aid you if your purposes align.
When you first relocate your encampment to this location, you can add 1 Centaurion Marshal to your warband roster. It does not cost you any glory to do so.

Add 1 to renown rolls you make for fighters from your warband with the Hero runemark (Hero).