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There are many roads to glory hidden within the depths of the Ravening Ruin, and the path your warband takes will be shaped by the decisions you make. Whether you choose for them to raid the territories of others or to pursue some greater purpose whilst doggedly defending their gains, the fate of your warband is in your hands.

You will find details about embarking your warband on their first quest here, and Step 4 of the Aftermath Sequence explains how you can complete quests and embark on new quests. In this chapter, you will find a host of quests to choose from. They are organised into the following sections:

Universal Quests

This section includes 6 quests that any warband can embark upon, including 'Hunt the Beast', which allows a player to add a monster to their warband upon its completion.

Grand Alliance Quests

This section contains quests that can be embarked upon by warbands from the appropriate Grand Alliance. There are 12 quests in total, 3 for each Grand Alliance: Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction. The lists on pages 80-81 show you which warbands are from which Grand Alliance.

Quest Battleplans

Some quests require a quest battleplan to be fought and won before the quest can be completed. For example, the 'Hunt the Beast' quest tells the tale of a warband tracking a monster to its lair and requires the 'Break Its Spirit' quest battleplan to be fought and won by the warband embarked on that quest.

If you and your opponent agree, you can use a quest battleplan for a campaign battle if one of the warbands is embarked on the relevant quest and has met the necessary criteria.

The warband that is embarked on the quest is referred to as the questing warband and the player controlling that warband as the questing player. Their opponent is referred to as the adversary player. This player will either use their warband, in which case it is referred to as the adversary warband, or they will use fighters dictated by the battleplan (for example, in 'Hunt the Beast', the adversary player controls a monster).

When using a quest battleplan for a campaign battle, follow all the rules for a normal campaign battle in addition to those in the quest battleplan. In addition, all players complete the aftermath sequence after the battle.

In the rare case that both warbands are embarked on the same quest and both wish to be the questing warband in the battle, the players roll off and the winner's warband is the questing warband.

Quest battleplans often have fixed deployment maps that players can see before they sort their warband into battle groups. We recommend players use this information to think ahead and plan accordingly!

List of Quests


All warbands can take Universal Quests and their Grand Alliance quests. Each boxed set has releases with warband-specific quests, and further quests have been released in White Dwarf. Universal and Grand Alliance quests can be found in this section of Warcrier, and Warband-specific quests are listed in their respective Warband section (and also linked here).

Most sets of quests follow a specific pattern:

  • one quest is unique loot
  • one quest is for unique Heroic Traits
  • one quest is for a unique encampment location (and requires winning a custom quest battleplan)

Over time 1 aim to list all quests on Warcrier, but in the meantime those that are not transcribed have their source listed below.

- servo_scribe

List of Universal and Grand Alliance quests

List of Warband-specific quests