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Cities of Sigmar Dawnbringers

On this page you will find optional rules for Cities of Sigmar warbands. These are excellent options for narrative and open play, bringing the flavour of fortitude, faith and civilisation of the Cities of Sigmar to your games of Warcry.


The runemark (Cities of Sigmar) printed in White Dwarf #495 belongs to the old Cities of Sigmar faction. It is safe to assume these rules can be used for any of the current Cities of Sigmar factions instead.


Before set-up, if a player is using a Cities of Sigmar warband, then that player can choose for their warband to be Dawnbringers. If they do so, after deployment, they must determine the site that has been scouted for a Dawnbringer settlement.

Sites of Power

The location for a new Dawnbringer settlement is a matter most often determined by fate and chance. Sites of geomantic power, confluent ley lines or wells of magical power, these are the areas most suitable for the construction of a new settlement. As such, they are bitterly contested, for rarely are such mystical nodes left unprotected.

At the start of the first battle round, the player of the Cities of Sigmar warband picks a point on the battlefield floor to be a site of power. Place a marker there to remind you. Then roll a dice on the Sites of Power table to determine what type of site of power it is. Each type confers a bonus on fighters with the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark as shown here.

Sites of Power Table

1Corrupted Font
Swollen with the energies of the foul realm of Chaos, this site needs to be cleansed and purified with the blood of the faithful if the Dawnbringer settlement is ever to have its foundations secured.
Each time a fighter with the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark is taken down while within 3" of a corrupted font, the controlling player gains 1 wild dice.
2Geomantic Well
Coursing with the fundamental powers of nature, land and mountain, this site provides a steady pulse of magical power to those who know how to harness it.
At the end of a battle round, if there are more friendly fighters with the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark within 3" of a geomantic well than enemy fighters, you roll an extra initiative dice in the next initiative phase.
3Mingled Ley Lines
A conflux of ley lines provides intense bursts of magical blasts that thunder forth from the ground. Deadly if not managed correctly, it is nonetheless incredibly valuable.
Once per battle round, after a fighter with the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark makes an action, if their controlling player has any unused ability dice, they can say that their fighter will attempt to harness the power of the ley lines. When they do so, that player picks one of their [doubles] or [triples] to risk, and then rolls a dice. Add 1 to the roll if the value of that ability dice was greater than the current battle round. On a roll of 4+, if a [double] was risked, it is improved to a [triple], and if a [triple] was risked, it is improved to a [quad]. Otherwise, allocate a number of damage points to that fighter equal to the roll plus the battle round number.
4Mortifex Nadir
Rare but lethal, this miniature abyss draws in tiny portions of life energy, sucking it away into a whispering vortex. It will need to be sealed and purified before the energies that drive it can be directed against the enemies of the Cities of Sigmar.
When a fighter with the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark within 3" of a mortifex nadir would use an ability, their player rolls each of those ability dice instead (so two dice for a [double], three for a [triple], and so on). If the total roll is 10 or more, the mortifex nadir is sealed until the end of the battle round. While a mortifex nadir is sealed, fighters that do not have the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark cannot use abilities.
5Celestial Lodestone
A dazzling chunk of a crashed Seraphon vessel, a burning comet from the heavens or a complex star—gazing array, this potent cosmic battery makes for a perfect cornerstone for a Nexus Syphon.
Once per battle round, before a friendly fighter with the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark makes an action, if that fighter is within 3" of a celestial lodestone, you can say that they will seek heavenly guidance. If you do so, roll up to 12 dice. For each roll of 5+, you can pick 1 [double], [triple] or [quad] and change the value of those dice to 6. After that, for each roll of 1, you must pick 1 [double], [triple] or [quad]. Change the value of those dice to 1.
6Sacrificial Godsmouth
Resembling little more than a pit into which sacrifices are hurled headfirst, or perhaps a blood-stained chopping block, this is nonetheless a place where the eyes of a god once fell. Powerful impressions of worship and reward are left here, fitting well with what will transpire once walls are erected.
Each time an enemy fighter that does not have the Cities of Sigmar (Cities of Sigmar) runemark is taken down while within 3" of a sacrificial godsmouth, you gain 1 wild dice.

Battle for the Dawn

It is uncommon though not impossible for two Dawnbringer Crusades to come into conflict. Most often through trickery, illusion and the workings of their enemies, it is unfortunately also true that combat can erupt over more—basic necessities. Fresh water and munitions are hotly contested, and other, more esoteric resources such as realmstone are also fiercely fought over. Of course, the burning desire for glory and recognition also drives ambitious or cruel leaders to pave their path to victory with the corpses of better folk. After all, discovering a true site of power upon which a settlement can be built is often enough for the dreams of such would-be tyrants to be realised in full.

If there are multiple players using Cities of Sigmar Dawnbringer warbands, the players roll off and each player picks a point on the battlefield floor, starting with the player who won the roll-off. Then draw an imaginary line between each point and mark the point halfway along that line between those points. That point is the site of power for that battle. Then one player rolls to determine what the site of power will be for that battle.