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Wildercorps Hunters Background Tables

Master rangers who brave the deadliest hinterlands of the Mortal Realms, the Wildercorps Hunters have faced and fought the most horrific foes imaginable.

The Wildercorps is the scouting and reconnaissance arm of the Freeguild military, responsible for finding paths through perilous wastelands and eliminating foes. that might impede the progress of civilisation. Hard-bitten and uncompromising, the Hunters have bonded through their shared suffering. In order to survive in their hazardous profession, they rely upon their superior fieldcraft, their impressive marksmanship and the indomitability of their trusty Trailhounds.

Wildercorps Hunters Names

D10First NamesD10Last Names

Wildercorps Hunters Origins

1Beast Slayers: Your warriors and their Trailhounds have made their name hunting some of the realms' most fearsome creatures.
2Veteran Dawners: Your warriors were part of a famous and successful Dawnbringer Crusade that resulted in the establishment of a new strongpoint.
3Blackguards: Your warriors have a reputation as ruthless and deadly killers, unencumbered by morality.
4Pious Hunters: Your warriors are devout followers of one of the Cults Unberogen, the great faiths of the God-King.
5Condemned: Your warriors have committed a grevious crime, and this mission into the Gnarlwood is their intended death sentence.
6Trappers: Few warriors are as skilled as your warband in fieldcraft and the construction of cunning snares and traps.

Wildercorps Hunters Leader Background

1Renegade: This warrior is an infamous rule-breaker and troublemaker - at least in the eyes of their Freeguild superiors.
2Master of Hounds: This warrior is known for their uncanny ability to handle even the most ferocious and truculent canines.
3Seen It All Before: This warrior has fought so long and so hard that they have become most cynical and jaded.
4War Wound: This warrior has a notable injury suffered during the course of their career, such as a pronounced limp or a missing eye.
5Uncanny Luck: This warrior is beloved of their soldiers, as they possess a knack for escaping the most dreadful situations without harm.
6Famous Hero: This warrior proudly wears a Dawnbringer medal earned through an act of conspicuous heroism.