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The Twistweald are an upcoming warband announced in March 2024.

The woeful forces of Death must contend with equally-tormented Sylvaneth – spirit-warriors infested by bizarre arcane parasites born from the Gnarlwood’s misfiring realm-shaper engines. With minds clouded by saprophyte spores and bodies overgrown by constant agony, many Twistweald are driven only by an obsessive hope to reach the Everspring Swathe and receive Alarielle’s healing touch.

Those with their sanity intact fear that this could spell disaster for the Sylvaneth. Instead, they become wandering pariahs, moving from grove to grove to avoid spreading their infection, or delving into the Gnarlwood to seek a cure. These bands are led by Swarmsages, whose spiteswarm colonies hungrily prune the parasitic growths of their followers. Twistroot Wardens are stalwart sentinels who suppress their pain to command Twistwood Revenants and Twistwood Dryads in battle, while maddened Twistwood Spite-Revenants descend upon unfortunate enemies with lashing briars.

Model pictures and more information at Warhammer Community.