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Vulkyn Flameseekers Background Tables

Ferocious worshippers of the dead godbeast Vulcatrix, the seek to resurrect the Ur-Salamander by seeking out legendary flames imbued with her fiery wrath.

The life of a Vulkyn Flameseeker is a difficult one, even by the lofty standards of Fyreslayers, to whom strife is second nature. These zealous duardin of the Lofnir lodges delve into the most inhospitable places in the realms in search of sacred magmadroth eggs and remnants of Vulcatrix's fire. They must hew and hack their way through lethal flora, mutated monsters and murderous rivals before they even claim to their prize.

Vulkyn Flameseekers Names

D10First NameD10Last Name
4Zuffi4the Flametouched
7Zaggra7the Axe Hurler
10Daegrann10the Grumbler

Vulkyn Flameseekers Origins

1Drothkeepers: This warband once guarded the drothvaults of their home lodge against invaders and predators.
2Scale-blessed: Several of this warband's warriors bear scaly birthmarks - a sure sign of the Ur-Salamander's favour.
3Vulkyn Emissaries: These warriors were tasked with spreading word of the Vulkyn cult to distant lodges on behalf of the Lofnir.
4Deep Delvers: These warriors have ventured into some of the deepest and deadliest caverns in the realms - and lived to tell their tale.
5Thaggoraki Hunters: These warriors are veterans of the brutal tunnel wars fought against the skaven of the Clans Moulder, who covet Magmadroth eggs.
6Swamp Striders: These warriors are at home in the same sulphurous swamps that Magmadroths favour as nesting grounds.

Vulkyn Flameseekers Leader Background

1Hardliner: This warrior's fanatic devotion to the Ur-Salamander unnerves even their fellow Lofnir lodge-kin.
2Rage of Vulcatrix: When this warrior enters a battle-rage, their eyes blaze with the power of the Ur-Salamander.
3Restless Seeker: This warrior has travelled far across the realms in search of sacred flames.
4Hatred of Poachers: Those who aim to steal the offspring of the Magmadroth earn the everlasting ire of this warrior.
5Venerated Elder: This warrior is ancient even by the standards of the long-lived duardin, yet still as wise as they are strong.
6Visions of the Blaze: This warrior is haunted by visions of apocalyptic flame - the last moments ofVulcatrix's existence.