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Before the Gnarlwood

The Gnarlwood is the setting for Warcry - but that hasn't always been the case. This is 'Warcry 2.0'. Before the Gnarlwood, Warcry was set in the Eightpoints - the sub-realm that connects all realms together - and was launched purely with chaos warbands fighting it out.

Not long into that release cycle, it was expanded to encompass many other factions of the Mortal Realms, and before long most factions were represented. Along the way, the Warcry system was used to explore different stories: memorable moments from the history of the Mortal Realms, played out over one or more battles.

This section houses a number of those for posterity and your enjoyment.

Narrative Battles

A narrative campaign is a series of linked battles, usually 3 or 4, that tells a unique story. As these narrative campaigns are short, they can be played to conclusion over a weekend or even a single action-packed day. If you have a wargaming friend who you only get to see a few times a year, such campaifgns can be a great project for you both to work towards ready for your next weekend of gaming!


This section details narrative campaigns from the 2021 Tome of Champions. While these are not part of the Warcry 2.0 campaign system, they are stand alone, playable with the current rules, and a lot of fun!

These campaigns were written as stand-alone narrative arcs, so shouldn't be played as part of a larger campaign or influence ongoing warband progression.

While the majority of rules are translatable across versions, there are some differences with the Aftermath Sequence. In the previous version, artefacts were a lot more common, and there was something called "Destiny Level" attached to a fighter. Consider the following changes before starting a campaign:

What makes these narrative campaigns particularly exciting is that each comes with its own unique mechanics that will task the player to make decisions they would not normally need to make in any other Warcry campaign. For example, in "The Purge of Anvilgard", one player leads the Blackscale Coil, a criminal organisation operating out of the shadows of Anvilgard. During the campaign, that player has to divide their 'assets' around the different areas of the city and choose one of these locations to stage an ambush, while the other player takes the role of Lord-Veritant Ven Brecht, who must venture to those different locations in search of the clues that will lead him to the lair of one of the Coil's crimelord.

On this page you can read a synopsis on each of the narrative campaigns included in this section to learn about the unique rules they have and help you find the one that either best fits your collection of Citadel Miniatures or just sounds the most amazing!


Adapting the Narrative

While not all the narrative campaigns prescribe specific factions to be taken, most of them do. If you wish to play one of the narrative campaigns but do not have a suitable set of Citadel Miniatures, making a few tweaks to the story is a great way to cater for the models in your collection.

For example, "War of the Morruk Hills" plays as a military campaign between the forces of the Stormcast Eternals and the Kruleboyz, with players each dispatching their heroes to different locations and then playing through a series of battles accordingly. You could quickly adapt this campaign to tell the story of any two different factions - you need only come up with a reason for them to be at war and then rename the different locations on the map to better fit your chosen factions. Perhaps it is instead the bloodthirsty warriors of the Khorne Bloodbound facing off against the free peoples of Hammerhal on the plains of the Flamescar Plateau. The possibilities are endless!

The Purge of Anvilgard

This narrative campaign is for 2 players. One takes the roles of Ven Brecht, a staunch and indomitable Lord-Veritant of the Anvils of Heldenhammer Stormcast Eternals, and the other, the villainous Blackscale Coil. Playing through this campaign, both players will have fun second guessing each other as Ven Brecht investigates the city of Anvilgard, unearthing clues as to the Coil's identity and then confronting one of their crimelords in his hideout!

The Forlorn Hope

This narrative campaign is also for 2 players and sees the Lumineth Realm-lords face off against the Ossiarch Bonereapers. In this campaign, players will be able to use named characters from the lore of the Mortal Realms who would be much too powerful in a regular Warcry campaign. The campaign sees the Light of Eltharion leading a force to the very edge of Hysh to stop a fell ritual being enacted by Arkhan the Black.

The Depths of Sylontum

In this narrative campaign, 2 teams are pitted against one another. One consists of the Daemons of Chaos united under the banner of Be'lakor the Dark Master - the other is the Emerald Host Nighthaunt that guard the Sanctum of Anguish, the resting place of Lady Olynder's skeletal remains. This campaign ends with a Coalition of Death battle that involves all the players.

The Rat Hunters

This narrative campaign differs to the rest because it is played either collaboratively by 2 players or solo. In both cases, the players take control of the mercenaries hired by the powers of Excelsis to rid the city of the verminous skaven. The skaven are not controlled by another player but by the game!

A Fool's Trove in Ulfenkarn

In this narrative campaign, 4 players each command a band of treasure hunters in search of the Ven Silveren estate in Ulfenkarn. In every battle, when night falls, the dead will rise out of the ground and attack anyone foolish enough to stray too close. The final battle is a Triumph & Treachery battle that involves all 4 players.

War of the Morruk Hills

This narrative campaign for 2 players has a more military feel than the others. Following on from the events in War at Amberstone Watch, one player takes the role of the Thunderstrike Stormcasts and the other the Kruleboyz as the two sides do battle over a series of locations around Amberstone Watch until one side emerges victorious.

Challenge Battles

This section introduces a type of campaign battle referred to as a challenge battle. Challenge battles are unique battles available to any warband currently embarked upon any campaign quest. In this section, you will find 6 challenge battles for your Order warbands to attempt.


This section details 'challenge battles' from the 2020 Grand Alliance books. While these are not part of the Warcry 2.0 campaign system, they are stand alone, playable with the current rules, and a lot of fun!

Unlike the narrative battles above, these were created as one-off battles that could be played in a larger campaign, albeit recreating a particular narrative.

While the majority of rules are translatable across versions, there are some differences with the Aftermath Sequence. In the previous version, artefacts were a lot more common, and there was something called "Destiny Level" attached to a fighter. Consider the following changes before starting a campaign:

  • Changes to Destiny Level impact Renown instead.
  • Use the current injury table
  • If played as part of a campaign, 'The Spoils' in these games should be replaced with the normal Aftermath Sequence instead. Of course, ask your arbitrator/campaign organiser if they're happy to include Challenge Battles.


The Fall of Lord Valgar

Order versus Slaves to Darkness. Order takes revenge against a Chao Lord.

No Duardin Left Behind

Order warband protects the Aether-Khemist Drong Grimbolsson until they can be rescued by a Kharadron Frigate.

Vault Guardians

Order versus Death. The Order warband protects a Stormvault with the help of an Ancient Guardian.

Thick as Thieves

Order versus the Gobbapalooza and the Gloomspite Gitz. Order try and claim a lost artefect against wave after wave of grots.

Halting the Ritual

Order versus Chaos. The Order warband must stop a chaos ritual underway in the Catacombs.

Blood and Serpents

Order versus a Monster. The Order warband must overcome the monster in an arena with the hope of claiming it as their own.


The Varanite Harvest

Two Chaos warbands battle it out in the catacombs, with one having endless reinforcements. Also includes a chance for your fighter to mutate into Chaos Spawn!

Fury of the Wild

Chaos versus a Monster.

The Everchosen's Regards

Chaos versus Stormcast Eternals. The Chaos warband hunts the Stormcast to a temple and try to desecrate it while receiving blessings from the dark gods.

Blades in the Darkness

Chaos versus Khainite Shadowstalkers. Defend against the assassins in the dead of night.

An Irrefutable Challenge

Chaos versus Soulblight Gravelords. The Chaos leader challenges a Wight King with regenerating health to single combat.

The Grot Purge


The Royal Hunt

Death versus a Monster. The Death warband must hunt the monster down with the hope of claiming it as their own.

Thieves in the Night

Death take revenge on a thieving warband in the pitch black of night. Uses hidden fighters.

A Grave Mistake

Death versus Bonesplitterz or Ironjaws. A lone necromancer summons the dead to their defense.

Death Comes Calling

Death hunt down a Chaos warband with the aid of a Gothizzar Harvester.

Caged Lightning

Death versus Stormcast Eternals attempting to secure a lightning heist with the aid of a Spirit Torment.

Trial of the Five Blades

Death versus 5 Wight Kings.


A Right Old Mess

Destruction versus Fyreslayers in the catacombs - while they collapse!

Gargantuan Carnage

Destruction versus an Aleguzzler Gargant.

The Big Carngrad Bash

Destruction versus Chaos trying to destroy a monument, with the aid of a very stupid Dankhold Troggoth.


Destruction versus Ironjaws, rejecting an orruk boss' attempts at rekrootment.

Picking Your Poison

Destruction versus a Skitterstrand Arachnarok.

Bloodbaths and Brewgits

Destruction helping a Brewgit forage for ingredients and brew a potion in the middle of battle.