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Bladeborn Fighters (Warhammer Underworlds)

Rules for using the warbands from Warhammer Underworlds in games of Warcry. These fighters are referred to in Warcry as Bladeborn fighters.

Bladeborn fighters are elite warriors as varied as the Mortal Realms themselves, with skills and missions that set them apart from even their closest allies. Some Bladeborn fighters belong to small warbands made up of fellow Bladeborn, whilst others are mighty individuals who can even battle an entire enemy warband alone and emerge triumphant! Bladeborn do not follow the same rules as normal fighters. You can read how to include them in your warbands below.

Grand Alliances

Each Bladeborn fighter belongs to a Grand Alliance. A fighter’s Grand Alliance determines which warbands that fighter can ally with outside of their faction (see ‘Factions and Allies’ below).

Factions And Allies

Each Bladeborn fighter belongs to a faction, which is determined by their faction runemark.

  • You can add any Bladeborn fighter to your warband if both your warband and that Bladeborn fighter share the same faction runemark. For example, Dhoraz Giant-fell can be added to any Thunderstrike Stormcasts warband.
  • You can add any Bladeborn fighter with the Hero runemark to your warband as an ally if that fighter shares the same Grand Alliance runemark as your warband. If you do, other fighters that share a Bladeborn runemark with that fighter can be added to your warband as allies. Fighters included in your warband in this manner, i.e. those that do not have the Hero (Hero) runemark, do not count towards the total number of allies you can include in your warband but do cost points like any other fighter. For example, in open and matched play, you can include up to 2 allies in your warband. If you were to include Calthia Xandire as an ally, you could also include any other fighters with the Xandire’s Truthseekers (Xandire's Truthseekers) Bladeborn runemark in your warband as allies.
  • Bladeborn fighters cannot be added to a warband more than once.

Bladeborn In Open And Matched Play

In open play and matched play, when picking your warband for a battle, you can include any Bladeborn fighters if their faction runemark is the same as the one chosen for your warband.

Bladeborn In Narrative Play

In narrative play, you can add Bladeborn fighters to your warband roster if their faction runemark is the same as the one chosen for your warband. In addition, Bladeborn fighters with the Hero (Hero) runemark can be added to your warband roster as an ally when you complete the ‘Secure a Powerful Ally’ quest (you must still spend the glory required to do so).

If you include a Bladeborn fighter with the Hero (Hero) runemark as an ally in your warband in the ‘Manage Your Warband’ step of the aftermath sequence, you can add any other fighters that share the same Bladeborn runemark as that fighter. Fighters included in your warband in this manner, i.e. those that do not have the Hero (Hero) runemark, do not count towards the total number of allies you can include in your warband but do cost points like any other fighter (and you must still spend the glory required to do so). You cannot add the same type of Bladeborn fighter more than once to your warband roster.

Aftermath Sequence

In the aftermath sequence, the following rules apply to Bladeborn fighters.

  1. Do not make injury rolls for Bladeborn fighters.
  2. Do not make renown rolls for Bladeborn fighters. Bladeborn fighters cannot gain renown.
  3. Bladeborn fighters cannot bear artefacts of power, but a Bladeborn fighter chosen as your leader can have 1 heroic trait (which they begin with automatically).
Optional Rule


The rules on this page allow you to add the characters and personalities from the Warhammer Underworlds game into your games of Warcry. If you are playing in a gaming group against like-minded players, you may wish to use these fighter cards to represent archetypes for heroes and villains of your own creation instead of the specific characters.

If your opponents agree to using the Archetypes rule, you can forgo the extra rules for Bladeborn fighters (such as being limited to 1 on a roster and not being subject to injury rolls), and instead treat them like any other fighter card in your faction. When you do so, you should come up with an appropriate name for the fighter card.

For example, you could use the Sarrakkar Blackwing fighter card from the Gnarlspirit Pack to represent a 'Gnarlspirit Shaman' from the Slaves to Darkness faction, or the Sir Jedran Falseborn fighter card from the Sons of Ve'morn as a 'Deathrattle Sentinel' from the Soulblight Gravelords faction.

List of Bladeborn Fighters


Not all Warhammer Underworlds warbands have rules, however most do. Below is a list of Warhammer Underworlds warbands and their rules source.

Bladeborn Warbands with Rules, by Grand Alliance


WarbandFactionRules source
The Dread PageantSlaanesh SybaritesTomb of Champions 2021
Ephilim's PandaemoniumDisciples Of Tzeentch: DaemonsWhite Dwarf #492
Eyes of the NineTzeentch ArcanitesTomb of Champions 2021
Garrek's ReaversKhorne BloodboundTomb of Champions 2021
Gnarlspirit PackSlaves to DarknessWhite Dwarf #482
Godsworn HuntSlaves to DarknessTomb of Champions 2021
Gorechosen of DrommNethermazeWhite Dwarf #494
Grashrak's DespoilersBeasts of ChaosTomb of Champions 2021
Khagra's RavagersSlaves to DarknessTomb of Champions 2021
Magore's FiendsKhorne BloodboundTomb of Champions 2021
Skabbik’s PlaguepackSkavenWhite Dwarf #492
Skittershank's ClawpackSkavenWhite Dwarf #494
Spiteclaw's SwarmSkavenTomb of Champions 2021
The WurmspatNurgle RotbringersTomb of Champions 2021


WarbandFactionRules source
The Crimson CourtSoulblight GravelordsTomb of Champions 2021
The Exiled DeadSoulblight GravelordsWhite Dwarf #477
The GrymwatchFlesh-eater CourtsTomb of Champions 2021
The Headsmen's CurseNighthauntWhite Dwarf #492
Kainan's ReapersOssiarch BonereapersTomb of Champions 2021
The Sepulchral GuardSoulblight GravelordsTomb of Champions 2021
Sons of VelmornSoulblight GravelordsWhite Dwarf #482
Thorns of the Briar QueenNighthauntTomb of Champions 2021


WarbandFactionRules source
Blackpowder's BuccaneersOgor MawtribesWhite Dwarf #477
Da Kunnin' KrewKruleboyzWhite Dwarf #477
Grinkrak's LooncourtGloomspite GitzWhite Dwarf #485
Hedkrakka's MadmobBonesplitterzTomb of Champions 2021
Hrothgorn's MantrappersOgor MawtribesTomb of Champions 2021
Ironskull's BoyzIronjawzTomb of Champions 2021
Mollog's MobGloomspite GitzTomb of Champions 2021
Morgok's KrushazIronjawzTomb of Champions 2021
Rippa's SnarlfangsGloomspite GitzTomb of Champions 2021
Zarbag's GitzGloomspite GitzTomb of Champions 2021


WarbandFactionRules source
The Chosen AxesFyreslayersTomb of Champions 2021
Domitan's StormcovenStormcast Eternals Thunderstrike StormcastsWhite Dwarf #492
Elathain's SoulraidIdoneth DeepkinTomb of Champions 2021
The FarstridersStormcast Eternals Vanguard Auxillary ChamberTomb of Champions 2021
Gryselle's ArenaiDaughters of KhaineWhite Dwarf #486
Hexbane's HuntersOrder of AzyrWhite Dwarf #494
Morgwaeth's Blade-covenDaughters of KhaineTomb of Champions 2021
Myari's PurifiersLumineth Realm-lordsTomb of Champions 2021
The ShadebornDaughters of KhaineWhite Dwarf #494
Skaeth's Wild HuntSylvanethTomb of Champions 2021
The Starblood StalkersSeraphonTomb of Champions 2021
Steelheart's ChampionsStormcast Eternals Warrior ChamberTomb of Champions 2021
Stormsire's CursebreakersStormcast Eternals Sacrosanct ChamberTomb of Champions 2021
Thundrik's ProfiteersKharadron OverlordsTomb of Champions 2021
Xandire's TruthseekersStormcast Eternals ThunderstrikeWhite Dwarf #477
Ylthari's GuardiansSylvanethTomb of Champions 2021

Warbands without Bladeborn rules

These are ordered by Season (newest to oldest).

WarbandUnderworlds Season
Thricefold DiscordDeathgorge
Cyreni’s RazorsDeathgorge
Storm of Celestus2021 Starter Set
Drepur's Wraithcreepers2021 Starter Set
Ironsoul's CondemnersBeastgrave (Champions of Dreadfane box)
Lady Harrow's MournflightBeastgrave (Champions of Dreadfane box)