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Cities of Sigmar Background Tables

Source: White Dwarf #495 (out of print)

Sigmar’s folk are of hardy stock, having grown used to eking out an existence in the harshest of environs. They can be found setting out on expeditions throughout every realm, championing their dreams of reclamation. Those who reach the end of their journey establish strongpoints in which to settle, and they protect their territory in fierce patrolling detachments.

Due to originating from countless ancient empires, the etymology of mortalkind is immensely varied. Most of those who gather about the Gnarlwood, however, hail from the Realm of Beasts. Ghurish soldiers have the instincts of the hunter, even if they are not members of the Wildercorps. Most of these stalwart folks have incredible stamina and muscled, stocky bodies to ensure their survival in Ghur’s temperamental reaches. Their names are equally blunt, embodying the rich history of the tribes their ancestors once belonged to.

Cities of Sigmar Names

D10First NameD10Last Name

Cities of Sigmar Origins

1Seekers of the Lost: Your warband has been sent to locate a missing detachment of Wildercorps Hunters.
2Strongpoint Guardians: Your warband is the last defence between their nascent strongpoint and the hungering Gnarlwood.
3Drawn by Talaxis: Your warband seeks to build their legend by reaching the Ravening Ruin.
4Mercenary Forces: Your warband became separated from a larger expedition they were guarding.
5Takers of the Coin: Your warband belongs to a Dawnbringer Crusade that has been forced to split into detachments to cross the tangled landscape.
6Eradication: Your warband has been tasked with annihilating a sworn enemy of their strongpoint that has fled into the Gnarlwood.

Cities of Sigmar Leader Background

1Scarred Veteran: This leader has led many excursions into the Gnarlwood and survived — though their psyche is fracturing.
2Summoned Hero: This leader made a name for themselves in another realm and has been called to the Gnarlwood to lead an important expedition there.
1To Become Storied: This leader is eager to establish their own legend and will go out of their way to perform dangerous feats.
1Missing Comrade: This leader desperately seeks a former comrade that has become lost in the Gnarlwood.
1Sellsword’s Instinct: This leader is a former mercenary that took the Coin Malleus. They are skilled at accompanying expeditions into the unknown.
6Greenhorn Commander: This leader is setting out on their first excursion in command.