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Cities of Sigmar Quests

Here you will find 2 quests that can be embarked upon by Cities of Sigmar warbands.

Artefacts of the Crusade

Borne forth from the Cities of Sigmar, or perhaps liberated whilst combating dangers in the wilds, each of these mighty artefacts is crafted in the foundries of a City of Sigmar and bears with it not just raw magical might but also the hopes and dreams of a better future for all.

Pick 1 artefact of power from the Artefacts of the Crusade table (see below) and note it in your quest log. You cannot pick an artefact of power already borne by a fighter in your warband. While embarked upon this quest, you must keep track of progress your warband makes, represented by a progress score.

Add 1 to your progress score:

  • Each time an enemy leader is taken down.
  • Each time you gain control over an objective that was controlled by another player earlier that combat phase.
  • After a missile attack action is made by friendly fighter in which no dice missed.
  • At end battle if you won that battle.

You can complete this quest once your progress score is 5 or more. When you complete this quest, you obtain artifact power that was noted in your quest log.

Artefacts of the Crusade table

Lucky Coin
Every warrior of a Dawnbringer Crusade bears the Coin Malleus, and such is the faith of this bearer that it provides powerful protection.
Once per battle, after a damage point is allocated to the bearer, if the bearer would be taken down, roll a dice. On a 5+, the bearer is not taken down, and any damage points that remain to be allocated to the bearer have no effect. The bearer cannot be allocated damage points until the end of the battle round.
Sign of the Great Wheel
A passionate member of the Cult of the Great Wheel, this warrior bears the sign of the cult on their person somewhere, and should it be damaged or profaned in some way, it will drive them into a zealous fury.
After an activation in which the bearer was allocated 1 or more damage points, roll a dice. On a roll of 1—3, the bearer’s Sign of the Great Wheel has been profaned. Add 2 to the Attacks characteristic of melee attack actions made by the bearer until the end of the battle, and add 1 to the Strength characteristic of melee attack actions made by the bearer until the end of the battle.
Warforged Blade
The bearer’s blade has been personally treated and enhanced by an Alchemite Warforger. Perhaps this is repayment for a noble deed done in their service, simply due to friendship, a well-placed bribe or even a political manoeuvre — the reasons are as varied as the wizards themselves.

If a melee attack action made by the bearer scores any critical hits, roll a dice. On a 4+, allocate 5 damage points to the target.
Whisperblade Token
Though they may not be able to assist them directly on the battlefield, this warrior has earned the respect of a Whisperblade, one of the spymasters of the Cities of Sigmar, and bears their token. Information can sometimes be all the advantage a good commander needs. and their Whisperblade ally does what they can to ensure that this fighter has as much of it as they can use.
While the bearer is on your warband roster, after a deployment card is drawn for a narrative battle, you can draw a further two from the top of the deck and pick which one of those three cards to use for that battle.
Gargoylian Ally
A tiny little creature has taken to following this fighter around, drawn to the scent of their faith. It burns with a fierce hatred of Chaos that goes far beyond their size. Often considered lucky and tolerated by many, this plucky little creature will do what it can, when it can, to keep its chosen faithful free from harm.
In a campaign battle, do not make an injury roll for this fighter.

At the end of the battle round, pick an enemy fighter within 3" of the bearer and roll a dice. On a 4+, allocate 1 damage point to that fighter. If that fighter has the Chaos (Chaos) runemark, allocate 5 damage points to that fighter instead.
Castelite Fragment
A fragment of a loose brick that fell from a wall in a true City of Sigmar, this token has kept its bearer safe for many a league.
Once per battle, the bearer can use this artefact as a bonus action. If they do so, subtract 2 from the damage points allocated by each hit and critical hit (to a minimum of 1) from melee attack actions that target the bearer until the end of the battle round.

Scouting the Strongpoint

Only through blood, toil and sacrifice can Dawnbringer settlements be brought into existence. But the power sources required to bring a full-fledged settlement to life are not easily found. More often, sites of power that are located are good for little more than an outpost or at best a strongpoint. In this case, your warband has located a good site for a strongpoint and must spend a few days, or even weeks, clearing the area of enemies and profane shrines ridden with the mutating power of Chaos.

While embarked upon this quest, you must keep track of a clearing score. Add 1 to your clearing score in step 4 of each campaign battle’s aftermath sequence if you won the battle.

In addition, you can pick up to 3 fighters from your warband that took part in the last battle and were not taken down to send them forth to clear the area. To do so, roll a dice. On a roll of 1, the fighter being rolled for is attacked by something within the Gnarlwood. Make an injury roll for that fighter. On a 2+, that fighter must make an attack action of your choice as if against an enemy fighter with a toughness value of 3 that is visible and in range. If that attack would allocate 4 or more damage points, add 2 to your clearing score.

When your clearing score totals 12 or more, you can fight battles using the 'Laying the Foundations' quest battleplan. If you do so and you win the battle, in step 4 of the aftermath sequence, you can complete this quest. If you do so, in step 5 of the aftermath sequence, you can relocate your warband's encampment to a 'Dawnbringer Strongpoint' (see below) and do not need to spend any glory to do so.


Quest Battleplan: Laying the Foundations

Once a site of sufficient power has been located, it is imperative that correct foundations are laid, lest the nexus syphon too easily destroyed and all previous repairs be for naught. Part of the problem is that such construction work must often be laid in great haste, and even mid-battle, should times be desparate enough! Such a problem is always considered to be a protessional hazard by the rightly proud engineers of the Dawnbringer Crusades, and they often make light of the near-impossible conditions under which they work.

Attacker and Defender

In this battle, the questing player is the defender and the adversary player is the attacker.


Set up terrain using the alternative terrain rules. The defender must set up each terrain feature, and there cannot be any terrain features within 3" of the centre of battlefield.


Use deployment map below. The defender is blue.


The battle ends after 4 battle rounds. At end of battle, if there are 3 or more attacking fighters within 3" of the centre of the battlefield, the attacker wins. Otherwise, the defender wins.

Twist - Attack From All Sides

The enemies approaching are attacking under cover of night, appearing as if from nowhere without warning.

The attacker does not deploy fighters from their battle groups during the deployment step. Instead, after a defending fighter has activated, if there are any attacking fighters that are not on the hattletield (not including those that have been taken down), the attacking player must pick 1 of those attacking fighters. They place that fighter on a platlorm or the hattlelield floor within 3" of a battlefield edge, then activate that fighter.

The Aftermath Sequence

The adversary player receives the following bonus in the aftermath sequence:

Renown to be Earned: The adversary player adds 1 to each renown roll they make in this aftermath sequence.

Encampment Location: Dawnbringer Strongpoint

LocationLocation BonusPoints LimitReputation Modifier
Dawnbringer Strongpoint
Far more defensible than a simple outpost but lacking the more potent armaments common to a full-fledged Dawnbringer settlement, these strongpoints are bastions of civilisation in the dangerous and cruel Mortal Realms.
Add 1 to renown rolls you make for fighters from your warband with the Hero (Hero) runemark.

In addition, in step 5 of the aftermath sequence, you can pick 1 fighter from your warband and have them reinforce your defences. To do so, roll a dice. On a 3+, add 1 to your warband's defence score. Keep a record of this score on your warband roster. Once your warband’s defence score reaches 6 or more, the points limit of this encampment location is raised to 1200.